Bryan Hendry
 Director of Communications

Bryan Hendry spent 16 years at the Assembly of First Nations and Chiefs of Ontario in policy, communications, health, economic development, and employment and training. He has written and contributed to speeches for four National Chiefs and four Ontario Regional Chiefs. Former Chief of Staff to Regional Chief Isadore Day.

Bryan worked with Chiefs, Economic Development and Human Resource Development officers across Canada; helped organize Chiefs Committee on Economic Development, and Chiefs Committee on HRD meetings and events such as the 2011 International Indigenous Summit on Energy and Mining (IISEM) and the 2009 Inter-Nation Trade and Economic Summit (INTES); liaised with INAC, HRSDC, and other federal departments. Bryan worked on 2012-13 Canada—First Nations Joint Task Force on the Activation of First Nation Economies.

Bryan assisted in the development of MoUs and Action Plans with Corporate Canada, and unions. Actively lobbied/advocated federal and provincial politicians; co-managed two national mining and railway training and employment projects that were recognized by HRSDC as two of the best projects in Canada.

Bryan worked for a Liberal MP and was called “the godfather of legislative assistants” by former Prime Minister Paul Martin. He is a former print and television reporter, editor, and assignment editor, and author of true crime fiction.

Bryan lives in Ottawa with his wife and two dogs.