Sarah Yankoo
 Director of Planning and Technical Services

Sarah Yankoo is Algonquin, Austrian, Irish, Romanian and Scottish. She was raised and educated in Toronto, and currently resides in Pikwakanagan First Nation. Sarah is a graduate of York University’s Environmental Studies program where she focused on philosophy, arts, culture and communication, concurrent with an Indigenous Studies certificate and a minor in English. In her final year of study, Sarah worked with the Centre for Aboriginal Student Services as a programming assistant and community engagement liaison while serving in an executive role with the Aboriginal Students Association at York University (ASAY).

After graduation, Sarah worked with the Council of Ontario Universities (COU) on Aboriginal self-identification, a provincial gathering of Aboriginal Education Councils from both colleges and universities as well as a speakers series, “Research Matters”. Following her contract with COU, Sarah served as an appointee to the Premier’s Council on Youth Opportunities and began advisory and media work during the iteration stage of the Ontario Indigenous Youth Partnership Project (OIYPP). OIYPP connects philanthropic partners such as the Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal People in Canada, Tides Canada, Inspirit Foundation and the Ontario Trillium Foundation with youth led projects and initiatives. Concurrently, Sarah worked briefly with the Algonquins of Ontario as a culture and heritage mapping assistant, facilitated workshops in schools as an artist supported by the Ontario Arts Council, advised on the eligibility committee for the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences’ JUNO awards in 2014 and 2015 while developing and performing her own artistic works.

Sarah also currently works with The Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation in developing communication materials and strategy for membership engagement in the Algonquin Land Claim/Treaty Negotiations.